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9 Health Benefits of Blenders You Don’t Know About

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Benefits of a blender

1.     Make smoothies   

The most widespread use of a blender like the one extensively reviewed here is making smoothies, milkshakes, and protein shakes.

Cut fruits into small pieces and put them in the blender. Blend them well and the smoothie will be ready.

Fruits should be eaten everyday although most people do not have them frequently. There are children who will always cheat so as not to eat fruits.

For most people, a blender is an appropriate way to fulfill the daily nutrition required. Put a variety of fruits and make a fruit cocktail.

Most people lead busy lives. They cannot make traditional salad each day but blenders make it easier. You only chop your preferred vegetables and blend them. It will be very nutritious and will not take much of your time.

2.     Keeping the nutrition intake balanced

a blender with its functions
Vitamix Blender

Using a blender for juicing instead of a juicer offers some additional benefits. The juicer removes the juice from fruits leaving the entire pulp. In this way; you just waste all the fiber and calcium in the fruit.

But if you use a blender instead of a juicer, you can eat all the fruit without wasting fiber.  This keeps the entire diet of the food in balance.

3.     It is time-saving

A blender is a kitchen device that saves time. You only require to press the button and your milkshake, protein shake or smoothie will be ready!. It assists you in making juice, fruit salad, smoothies and it will save you time.

4.     Maintain sugar level

Blending assists in checking the sugar level in the blood. It does not waste fiber of the ingredients; therefore the sugar will be balanced well in drinks made from a blender.

5.     Making yummy sauces

homemade tomato ketchup
homemade ketchup

Actually you can make sauces in a blender at home which will have a better taste. Ranging from tomato sauce, chili sauce to mayonnaise, you will make them within the shortest time possible with your blender. You can make dressing salad with your blender too.

6.     Mixing

Mixing is much easier with a blender. Mix spices, and solid with a liquid in your blender. Put them in your blender and press the button for a few minutes and you will be through.

7.     Easy to clean

It is easy to separate the parts of a blender and this makes cleaning it easier. Wash it in your sink using your normal dish soap and tap water.

8.     Durability

If you settle in for a quality blender, it will serve you for a long time. Use it carefully. This will be a great device in your kitchen.

9.     Making a vegetable cocktail

In our busy times, it is not possible every time to have a plateful of traditional salad each day. However, you do not have to worry. Blenders come in handy. You can chop all your desired vegetables and mix them together.

Most frequently asked questions about blenders

1.      What is a blender?

A blender is a kitchen appliance that has a pitcher, spinning metallic blades and a base that houses a motor. The motor provides the power. In addition, many blenders have buttons that perform different purposes.

The blades begin spinning once the blender is switched on. You can blend fruits and vegetables, form an emulsion and also produce juice. It can also be used to break the ice.

2.       What are the Top blender brands in the market that you should know before buying?

A blender is becoming a very important kitchen appliance to use at home nowadays but the problem comes when one is selecting the top-rated blender available in the market.

Many manufacturers worldwide are competing in making the best blenders that will add value to your home. Here are some of the different blender brands you can find in the shops.


-Ninja Blenders

-Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender

3.  How to use a blender?

Using a blender is very easy but one must be careful when operating it. You should be more careful especially with dangerous kitchen devices such as a blender.

 Ensure you have read the user’s manual for you to understand the safety precautions and procedures followed when operating it.

You should begin by determining what you will make, collect ingredients and put them by following instructions from your recipe. Then select the settings you like.

A blender should not be handled by children. It can pose danger if not used appropriately.

To begin with, do not at any time place your hands in a blender while turned on.

Next be sure the lid is in place and well locked and all processes are followed. Read the user’s manual before using any kitchen device more so dangerous kitchen devices.

Clean the blender while not plugged in. Do not let children use a blender without adult supervision especially those under five years.

4. How do I fix a blender?

Due to the possibilities of injury when repairing electronic appliances such as a blender, I cannot go into the mechanical operation of it.

However, I recommend that you read the warranty information in your user’s manual, or call the service provider of the blender manufacturer of your choice and request assistance in repairing your device.

5. How do I control the texture of the things that I blend?

How rough or fine your processed food largely depends on how long you blend it.

If you want a creamy base or a smooth base like soup or something like melted butter, you may want to blend or process for a longer time using a higher speed.

Alternatively, you can also add garlic, chives or other ingredients into the mixture and blend to your desired texture.

If you want to blend rougher or coarser, turn your blender to a lower speed for a few seconds, inspect the blending, and then do it for a few more seconds, if necessary. You can do it once more until you are satisfied with the texture.



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