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Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator

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Samsung Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator 4 Door Family Refrigerator

A black stainless steel refrigerator is just the thing for any style-conscious household. Not only does it look fabulous but it fits in with any style.

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in every household for storing foodstuff and keeping beverages cold.

For longer-term storage of perishable goods, a freezer is also desirable. Combine the two and we have what most households have in their kitchen – the fridge freezer.

Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

We have chosen 3 of the finest black stainless steel refrigerators to help you when buying your next appliance:

Samsung Black Stainless 4 Door Family Refrigerator

Samsung Black Stainless 4 Door Family Refrigerator
  •  This is a Samsung Black Stainless 4 Door Family Refrigerator
  • It has an important feature of built-in cameras to view inside it
  • It has a family hub WiFi Touchscreen that is LCD
  • This cool fridge has a 5-Temperature Compartment.
  • It has 22.1 cu. ft. Capacity.
  • It has Ice Dispenser.
  • It uses LED Lighting.
  • It is energy star rated.

This beautifully made and technologically advanced refrigerator from Samsung is a space-age appliance that will complete any modern kitchen. We rate this fridge freezer fully 5 stars out of 5 [star rating=”5″].

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Kenmore Elite Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite Side-by-Side Refrigerator

-The 28 cubic foot capacity Kenmore Elite Side by Side Refrigerator features dual evaporation and a linear compressor that creates an ideal temperature for the fridge and freezer.

-Accela Ice increases ice production all the time so you will never lack ice

-It has smart sense temperature management 

-The clean flow of Air Filtration of this fridge keeps it smelling fresh 

-It is a hands-free dispenser that is NSF certified to get rid of 99.9% of contaminants.

It would look amazing in any home and with the array of features we have to award this fridge 4 1/2 stars [star rating=”4.5″

Avanti 2-Door Apartment Size Black Refrigerator

Avanti 2-Door Apartment Size Black Refrigerator
  • Avanti 2 Door Apartment Size Black Refrigerator is an energy star rated.
  • It features levelling Legs and Interior Light
  • It has removable Glass Shelves
  • Its measurement is  55.5 H x 21.75 W x 22.5 D inches.

A budget black refrigerator from Avanti that is suitable for small families and does exactly what you would expect. Great value earns this compact fridge freezer 4 stars [star rating=”4″] .

Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator 

The modern kitchen is just not just about functionality; people want their appliances to not only perform well but to be stylish and blend in with their decor.

A black stainless steel refrigerator is just the thing for any style-conscious household. Not only does it look fabulous but it fits in with virtually any style.

Stainless steel is renowned for its durability and hard-wearing qualities and is becoming increasingly popular in the home (check out our stainless steel kettle reviews).

Easy to clean and great looking, stainless steel is perfect for a hygienic environment such as a kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen appliances not only look great but last for many years.

Traditionally, the bare metallic look of stainless steel refrigerators gives a kitchen the commercial, restaurant kitchen style that we see so often see on television cookery shows but add color and we can get a truly elegant feel in our home cooking environment.

Black stainless steel refrigerators are the epitome of both style and substance.

Types of Refrigerators

Whilst this review concentrates mainly on black stainless steel refrigerators there are other factors to consider when purchasing a new fridge freezer.

Black stainless refrigerators may look sleek and stylish in the modern home kitchen but ultimately what matters most is performance. Superfast freezing is handy if you cook and freeze your own food for instance.

For larger kitchens, American style or side by side fridge/freezer compartments make for easier access and larger storage capacity.

With a regular top and bottom design black stainless steel refrigerator you have the choice of a top freezer or bottom freezer, with the latter generally being more convenient as it saves constantly bending down while removing commonly used products from the fridge compartment.


Adjustable and spill-proof shelving helps keep food stored safely and conveniently with no mess and means you can store larger items effortlessly.

Technological advances facilitate the use of smartphones to control your refrigerator via apps or even make adjustments using google voice.

Fridge freezers are available with various door splits. The door split is the ratio of a fridge to freezer i.e. 70/30 would indicate that 70% of the fridge freezer is a fridge, with 30% of it being freezer compartment.

There are 3 door splits available: 70/30, 60/40 and 50/50. If you eat mainly fresh food a 70/30 door split black stainless steel refrigerator should be your selection.

Refrigerator capacity is measured in liters and a standard size freestanding fridge freezer will have an internal volume of 200-300 liters while the American style side by side fridges will hold around 500-600 liters.

Other Useful Features

An ice making compartment is a useful addition for those cold drinks on warm summer days and ice and cold water dispensers make the process even easier.

Many water dispensers on refrigerators also include inbuilt filtration systems to purify the water as it is dispensed.

Some water dispensers are refilled by hand but high-end fridges can be plumbed into your mains supply to give a constant flow of clean cool water on demand.

A bottle rack is very convenient for storing wine or soda and are fairly standard with most modern refrigerators. Salad crispers are usually located at the lower part of the fridge compartment and keep fruit and vegetables at their best until you are ready to eat them.

Look out for refrigerators with Antibacterial seals as these also help keep your groceries in tip-top condition.

Quick chill function in the fridge compartment will very quickly cool your groceries to the correct temperature and is becoming more common on premium refrigerators.

Opening the fridge or freezer door will cause the internal temperature to rise so consider a black stainless steel refrigerator with airflow cooling.

This technology vents air throughout the compartments to quickly restore the correct temperature.

Refrigerator Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is very important, not just to save you money on your electricity bills but also to help preserve our environment.

Fridge freezers are rated from A+++ (the most efficient) to G (least efficient). When you buy a new black stainless steel refrigerator, be sure that it is rated A+ as a minimum.

Holiday mode is a great feature that keeps your refrigerator in a low power state while you are away from home for an extended period.

As you will not be constantly opening and closing the door, the refrigerator needs less power to keep your food chilled.

Frost-free refrigerators also help with energy efficiency by keeping the inside clear of ice build-up which affects the performance of your appliance.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Types of Refrigerator

Every kitchen needs a refrigerator which is a crucial appliance needed in every home.

There are different types of refrigerators designed by different brands. Below is a list of refrigerators that differ by their features, finish, style, etc.

French door Refrigerator

types of refrigerators

French door refrigerators are drastically becoming popular in the market currently. They are powerfully engineered to access food easily when the user opens their side by side top doors and bottom freezer.

Many people purchase a French door refrigerator because it has wider big doors, wider shelves, adjustable shelves top where tall items can be stored, and profound drawer freezers.

It makes it easy to store all the condiments in its opening enhancing quick accessibility and can’t be shoved back.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

 Bottom freezer refrigerators are relatively wider than some other refrigerators which make them suitable for big families. 

At the bottom is the freezer which is simply accessible and contains some drawers for storing food without being pushed.

Bottom freezer refrigerators have amazing water dispensers and inbuilt ice machines.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top Freezer Refrigerator

 Top freezer refrigerators are the most popular. Many people purchase them because they are affordable, are a bit narrower, which works perfectly well for small kitchens. 

Top freezer refrigerators have numerous adjustable shelves and drawers with a big space to store different foods.  It comes with electronic temperature control for both the freezer and the fridge sections.

It has LED lighting in its interior which ensures the user knows what is inside. 

Top freezer refrigerator features a Flexi-side bin which plays the role of custom storage, 2 crisper drawers, and an adjustable storage door.

Side- by- Side Refrigerator

side by side fridge

Side by side refrigerator has a desirable slim style feature. Its refrigerator and the freezer are vertically positioned to sit directly to each other.

This refrigerator is inexpensive to purchase hence it has been bought by a lot of people. The side-by-side refrigerator has a water dispenser and external ice equipment.

It has a small swing door space, which makes it perfectly suit kitchens with a small area.

Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Counter Depth Refrigerator

 This type of refrigerator has deep depth space and is super modified to meet all the current needs of a perfect refrigerator. It has eighteen cu.

Fit capacities which make it easy to store eighteen grocery paper bags.  It is super modified with an internal ice maker.  

The counter-depth refrigerator has a twin system for cooling; maintaining cool air for the freezer and the refrigerator separately.

It has a power freezer and power cooler for cooling a drink.  It has 2 crisper drawers for storing vegetables and fruits and keeping them crisp and fresh. The counter-depth refrigerator can perfectly fit a kitchen with a limited area.

Mini- Compact Refrigerator

Mini Compact Refrigerator

 Mini-compact is a small refrigerator frequently found in places where a full-size refrigerator cannot fit. The mini-compact refrigerator can fit in an office, bedroom, or a sitting room.

It is quite advantageous to carry it from one place to another because of its portability characteristics.

They are super fine to store either any kind of food or beverage. Mini-compact refrigerators have a small compartment freezer. These types of refrigerators are affordable to buy from the market.

Bar Refrigerator

type of refrigerators

Bar refrigerators have numerous advantages. First, they are inexpensive to purchase, portable hence can be transported from one place to another easily, and they keep drinks super cool for its users.

Bar refrigerators don’t consume a lot of electricity hence they are economical to use. They are designed to last.

The doors of bar refrigerators contain handy shelves door and relatively small bin crisper. It has a reversible door, which can be easily adjusted on either side. It has 2 stars for energy efficiency and consumes 225kWh.

Smart Refrigerator

Smart Refrigerator

 A smart refrigerator is a highly modified refrigerator designed with a high rate of creativity and innovation. 

It is highly programmed which detects the kind of the stored items and keeping track of valuable data such as usage and expiry.

Smart refrigerators operate on an RFID system or a barcode for collecting any information from the internet.  A smart refrigerator is also called an internet refrigerator.

These kinds of refrigerators are highly computerized which permit the user to recognize the items stored in it without necessarily opening them.

The user usually checks the list display on an LCD or alternatively on an output device.

Smart refrigerators are capacitated to send their contents list to different devices of the display. They have the power of communicating through different kinds of mediums.

Combo Fridge Refrigerator

Combo fridge refrigerators are affordable to purchase from the market. Some are bulky while others are portable to carry from one place to another.

These refrigerators are usually engineered into 2 variants. Top- freezer Combo brands have a freezer on the top, while the bottom freezer combo brands have the freezer at the bottom. 

Top freezer combos have a bigger fridge unit compared to bottom- freezer fridges which are relatively small. 

Combo fridge refrigerators are both manufactured for kitchens with small and big areas.

They are amazing to purchase because they are versatile to use, durable, and not complicated to use. They can be bought by the customers to store food and beverages.

Factors to consider when purchasing a refrigerator

Capacity and Family Size of a Refrigerator

Refrigerator capacity and size is one of the noblest decisions an individual should consider before purchasing. 

The refrigerator-size must match with the size of the family, family habits food, and the availability of space at home. The budget is also an important factor to consider before buying the refrigerator.

Once the potential buyer has clarity about the size of the refrigerator, it is the opportune time to select which brand of the refrigerator to purchase.

Refrigerator capacity can be described into 2 terms the gross capacity and the net capacity.

Gross capacity

 Gross capacity is the total weight of the refrigerator. The gross capacity also encapsulates the walls of the exterior as well.

Net Capacity

Net capacity can be defined as the actual capacity inside the fridge. Net capacity is the space available for storing food and drink in the refrigerator.  Net capacity is also called storage volume.

The following explanations give the reader a clear match of the family size and the size of the refrigerator.

Family Size Capacity Suggested

  • 1 Person (Bachelors)50- 80 Liters
  • 2-3 Family Members 150-250 Liters
  • 4-5 Family Members      250-330 Liters
  • 6 or more members of the family 350-490 Liters

The above-given table gives a detailed picture to a user on the family-size capacity of a fridge. For 1 person, fifty to eighty liters is enough.

The family that has two to three members,’ one fifty to two-fifty liters is sufficient.

Two hundred and fifty to three hundred and thirty is adequate for a family that has four to five members.  For large, family three hundred and fifty to four hundred and ninety perfectly suits them.

Once a user has decided on which size of a refrigerator to purchase online, the next thing to consider is the model of a refrigerator to buy. Most of the refrigerators have 3 doors, two doors, one door, and side by side door.

Each and every model of a refrigerator has its own pros and cons. Depending on the family size and the capacity of the refrigerator, one can select which refrigerator  model to purchase from online.

Size of Refrigerator Models Suggested

  • 50-80 Liters Single Refrigerator Door
  • 150-250 Liters Triple Door, Double Door, and Single
  • 250-330 Liters Triple Door, and Double Door Refrigerator
  • 350-490 Liters Side by Side and Double Door Refrigerator

For fifty liters to eighty liters refrigerator size, single refrigerator door is recommended.

Triple door, double door, and single door refrigerators are suitable for one fifty liters to two hundred and fifty capacity liters.

For two hundred and fifty liters to three hundred and thirty liters refrigerator, double door and triple door refrigerators are suitable for them. 

Side by side and double door refrigerators are perfectly matched with 350 liters to 490 liters. Big size fridges are accessible in a double door than in triple refrigerators door.

The Size of the Kitchen

The size of the kitchen is an important factor to consider before purchasing a refrigerator. One should make sure to have enough space in the kitchen or hall to keep the refrigerator. 

If a kitchen is small, buying a small refrigerator is commendable. Buying a big refrigerator with a small kitchen is usually problematic because of the incompatibility of the sizes.

When considering the place to put your refrigerator, there should be a remaining space for ventilation and for opening the doors of the fridge.

Freezer Size

Another important factor to consider is the size of the freezer. For the refrigerators which have the capacity of 200 liters, it should have a freezer size of forty to sixty liters. 

If one is a nonvegetarian, then it is advisable for a high space freezer for keeping frozen meat. 

Features to Look for in a Refrigerator

The field of storing the food has evolved in a robust manner with numerous advancements in technology for permitting many refrigerating opportunities.

The technology of refrigeration was introduced to keep perishable food and drink super fresh. Customers are sometimes confused with the specific features of refrigerators.

Door Style

The door opening of a refrigerator has drastically changed over the years.  French doors are darling to many because they make it easier to reach the food and drinks in a quick way without the need of opening the rest part of the fridge.

A side-by-side fridge gives advantages that are similar to a French door, which provides more space for keeping the items. Some of the refrigerators have alarm systems which usually alert the person when the door has been opened by a baby. 

A fridge user may unconsciously leave the door of the fridge open making the internal temperatures of the fridge to reduce.

An alarm is frequently essential which acts as a reminder if the door of the refrigerator has been left open.

Shelves of the Refrigerator

Fridges that have sliding shelves are mostly liked by a large number of people. 

They facilitate easy access to the food in the fridge. Sliding shelves have the advantage of holding items that are tall like beer and juice bottles. Adjustable shelves are beneficial too.

An individual can remove some items from the fridge to make room for the others. They offer an easier opportunity of getting the items stored in the fridge in a quicker way.

The refrigerators can also be designed with a spill-proof.  These kinds of fridges have openings at the end of ensuring spillages don’t get at the bottom sections. If a fridge holds a lot of drinks like juice, milk, or beer, this is the appropriate fridge to purchase.


Refrigerators which contain fully extended drawers are easier to get the things stored. A full-width accessible drawer enables the users to have adequate space for keeping trays of foodstuffs.

When someone has some leftovers of drinks and foodstuffs, these are drawers which provide a perfect storage. Some of the drawers are designed in a transparent manner which enables the fridge user to see the items without necessarily opening everything.

These kinds of drawers are also amazing because they usually save the time of rummaging the whole drawers.

Climate regulated drawers permit one to regulate the humidity and the temperature which suits the cooling needs of the food and the drink.

LED Displays

The technological advancements have been so effective which has really affected refrigerator technology. Some of the fridges have LED displays to touch for smart processes.

The screen of the smart refrigerators has capabilities of Wi-Fi.

The user of the smart fridges can regulate the temperatures, display photos, access online recipes, get updates of weather, and also do music streaming.

Hidden Icemakers

The hidden icemakers are designed by the designers for maximizing the space of the refrigerators.

Fridges that have the hidden ice makers are advantageous because the user doesn’t need to keep unlocking the refrigerator every time to keep the ice.

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