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Which is the Best Cheese Grater?

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When cooking with cheese it is always useful to have a quality cheese grater or cheese shredder.

Cheese is delicious and perfect for a light snack such as a sandwich or toastie, or used as a delicious ingredient in numerous recipes.

In fact, whole meals can be built around the delicious flavors of cheeses.

A cheese grater breaks down the cheese into shreds, therefore making it easier to use in recipes (such as our Feta cheese recipes) and even for filling your favorite subs.

Grated cheese is an essential part of one of our favorite dishes: the pizza. A pizza without grated cheese just wouldn’t be the same!

Cheese Grater Reviews

As usual, we like to bring you a selection of products that we have tested and reviewed to save you the hassle of buying kitchen appliances that will let you down after a short period of time.

We also asked renowned chefs about their favourite cheese graters.

We rate products using a star rating and the best cheese grater receives 5 stars, but all of these have their plus points and would be worthy of any kitchen.

Commercial Cheese Grater

Grandma Ann’s Electric Grater for Cheese

cheese grater

  • Beautifully Designed – Simple to use and User-Friendly – No Tools Required
  • Commercially rated cheese grater Up to 550W Peak Power!! 1/2 HP
  • No more scraped knuckles!
  • Perfect for all cheeses, potato pancakes, cassava & yuca or shredding coconut
  • Great for grating Parmesan cheese, horseradish, and other hard vegetables

Grandma Ann’s Electric Cheese Grater is the perfect kitchen appliance for all your grating needs. Able to grate cassava/yuca, green plantains, calabaza, and even grated coconuts for pastels, pone cake, cassava cake, and many other dishes.

Grating by hand takes hours and a food processor just isn’t the same. Beautiful stainless steel design means this superb commercial cheese shredder can take pride of place in your kitchen. 5 stars [star rating=”5″] .

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Microplane Master Series Wooden Handle Grater

Microplane Master Series Wood Handle

  • 18/10 gauge stainless steel blade with a clear acrylic frame and an acrylic protective blade cover
  • Walnut wooden handle
  • Approximate Size: 30cm (h) x 6.5cm (w)/11.75″ x 2.5″
  • Non-slip base for stability whilst grating
  • Reusable cover allows safe and secure storage

Microplane are well known for their quality products and the Master Series is another credit to the brand.

These graters are used by top chefs around the world which speaks for itself. Extremely sharp blades mean perfectly grated cheese or vegetables every time. Great value too. 4 and a half stars [star rating=”4.5″] .

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Rotary Cheese Grater

Orecchi Rotary Cheese Shredder

orecchi cheese shredder

MULTI-PURPOSE – rotary cheese grater for hard cheese (like parmesan), soft cheese (like Pecorino, Cheddar and Provolone), chocolate, nuts, pistachio, almonds, dried coconut and more.

PROFESSIONAL AND DURABLE – each product is made using high-quality stainless steel drums with razor-sharp blades and super flexible ABS BPA free base and handle.

EASY TO USE & CLEAN – open the cover lid, insert the ingredient in the barrel, close the lid and start rotating the crank handle clockwise. DISHWASHER SAFE due to it is 3 easily removable parts (a hand crank, a cheese grater housing and a metal drum).

SAFE HAND GUARD – its ergonomic compact design and sturdy flexible plastic housing protect your fingers from cutting, as can happen with other hand cheese graters. ideal for cooking with KIDS.

PERFECT GIFT – 100% COTTON BAG to store your kitchen grater-shredder or other gadgets is included

This Orecchi brand rotary cheese grater is a joy to hold and use. Made from super hygienic ABS material and super sharp stainless rotary grater, it consists of just 3 parts so is very easy to take apart for cleaning.

A great grater from a top brand in kitchen appliances but price little on the high side so just four stars [star rating=”4.5″].

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Choosing a Cheese Grater

Finding the best cheese grater for your kitchen depends on how much you enjoy and cook with cheese. If you cook with cheese regularly look for a cheese grater with a large hopper. The larger the hopper, the more cheese you can grate at a time and faster.

Sharp blades

Sharp blades are essential for any cheese grater.

While many kinds of cheese are soft and easy to grate, some harder cheeses such as parmesan can require a little more effort. A cheese grater with decent, sharp blades will make light work of harder cheeses.

Easy to take apart and wash

Ensure that your cheese grater is easy to clean and maintain.

A standard cheese grater can be put into the dishwasher or washed with your dishes simply enough but more complex rotary or electric cheese graters will need to be taken apart to clean them thoroughly. So check that the cheese grater you intend to buy is easy to take apart and wash.

Quality Materials

Look for a cheese grater that is constructed from quality materials. If you intend to buy an electric cheese grater, check that it has a lengthy manufacturers warranty and is made from superior parts such as stainless steel.

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