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Everything you need to know about Commercial food processors

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Equip your restaurant or business with the top commercial food processors in the industry.

They are ideal for restaurant kitchens, large family and commercial kitchens. They feature powerful motors, large capacity bowls, strong blades, wide feeding tube and most of them are dishwasher safe.

Additionally, they have simple touch buttons that can mix soups, blend sauces, chop vegetables, and more.

Due to their power, they chop and slices food at lightning speed.

There are tons of commercial food processors suitable for your professional kitchen – from the world-famous Robot Coupe to the long-lasting Waring food processors.

Food processor for commercial use Features

commercial food processor

If you know the list of features and accessories needed in a large-capacity food processor, it’ll help you make a smart investment.

This guide explains the most important features you ought to consider when selecting a commercial-grade food processor for your kitchen.


Restaurant quality food preparation machines have powerful motors.  If you have a large family or love to host dinner parties, choose this kind of a food processor.

They have a 700 to 1400 watt motor to prepare almost anything in a commercial kitchen. Some even come with a quiet powerful motor.


Restaurant quality food processors are large, heavy-duty. Therefore, you must have sufficient space on your kitchen counter for it.

If you must store it in your cabinet, select a lightweight design that can easily fit there.


They can handle a high volume of food with their large bowl capacities, have no risk of spills and are easy to clean up.

A 12 to 14 cup model will be suitable for a restaurant or large family. It will be able to handle large volumes of food and can feed a crowd.

1.3 – 2-liter processor is only ideal for a small family.

Has a wide feeding tube

Saves on preparation since entire items like potatoes and onions or huge pieces of food can be processed.

Comes with a storage container

If your processor comes with a storage unit to keep blades and accessories safe in one place, you’ll find them fast when you require them.

Its dishwasher safe

Cleaning the bowls and accessories can be a bother. Therefore find a model that has dishwasher-safe parts and accessories.

How do you maintain your Restaurant quality food processor properly?

Food processors should have a lifespan of seven to ten years if properly taken care of. Normally, a food processor doesn’t need much maintenance as the motor is generally a securely closed unit.

In spite of this, there are some necessary steps that can be taken to lengthen the life of your food processor.

1. Bowls of a food processor should be washed

Bowls, accessories, blades, covers, and pushers ought to be washed frequently. Many are dishwasher safe.

2. Ensure you always use the food pusher which comes with the unit

The food pusher is used to guide food into the processor. The use of other objects or hands is not only unsafe but can also cause damage to your device.

3. The machine should not be overloaded

Matching the size of the food processor to the type and quantity of food you want to process is important. Food preparation kitchen machine that’s too small or doesn’t have sufficient power for denser foods won’t last long or work effectively compared to a larger one.

Large capacity food processors FAQs

1.      What is a large-capacity food processor and what is it used for?

This is a food preparation kitchen machine with a big bowl. It is suitable for preparing food efficiently and quicker. All food processors have a slicing, pureeing, chopping and shredding function.

You will get some with a dough blade for kneading dough, a juicer attachment and a blender.

2. How does the pulse feature work?

uses of a food processor-salsa

The pulse button is useful when you require short power bursts at optimal speed. The user controls it, which means that you are in control of how long the device is operated.

 The pulse function becomes useful when you don’t want to over-process your food. Use it to control the thickness of the food you are processing.

3.  Can I mix cake batter using a food processor?

kenwood food processor

A commercial food processor can help make cakes, bread, pastries, and pizza.  Add all ingredients in the food processor, process until uniformly mixed to a cake batter. The dough blade is usually used for cakes and pastries.

4. Can I use a commercial grade food processor to chop onions?

It will not only save you time but also minimize the irritating, tear-generating fumes. Pulse 4-7 times until you have finely cut onions. Cut sufficient to measure ½ of a cup then drain them if required.

In conclusion

Restaurant quality food processors are designed to prepare high-volume food and last a long time.  You will a lot of time with these kitchen machines.

They prepare food quickly and efficiently saving you countless hours that you can spend working on something else.

The beauty of these kitchen machines is that they can be used both in your home and in the restaurant.

They have extremely strong blades or discs intended to produce constant results every time. They are similar to commercial blenders and other large capacity preparation machines.

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