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Commercial food processor reviews-The Most powerful Machines in your Kitchen

Looking for the top commercial food processor reviews? You have come to the right place.

I have been testing food processors since 2010 and can confidently recommend these commercial food processors. They will make a great choice for many restaurants, professional kitchens, and even homes.

These kitchen appliances will help you prepare large quantities of food in seconds. It is like having another pair of hand. They will save you tedious work of grating cheese, chopping onions, nuts, slicing vegetables, just to name a few.

They feature a heavy base, a strong motor, a large capacity bowl, strong blades, and a wide feed tube. Their strong motor works at lightning speed.

Best Commercial Food Processor Reviews

1.   Robot Coupe food processor

review of robot coupe food processor

Main Features

  • It comes with a 3-liter clear polycarbonate bowl with handle. The bowl has a clear top to see food inside
  • Capacity of the bowl is 3 liters
  • Has a smooth S blade, grating disc and slicing disc
  • It is designed with 3 button control panel. This includes an on and off  switch plus a pulse option
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It features a lever-activated auto restart
  • Brand name is Robot Coupe

Large capacity food processor

Robot coupe processors are used mainly in professional kitchens. This is because they are more powerful and larger compared to home food processors.

It comes with a large capacity bowl of 3 liters, an S blade, a grating disk, slicing disc. A bigger bowl like this will allow you to prepare large quantities of food at a go. It has a clear top so you can see the food inside.

Powerful motor

It has a powerful motor, 1-HP, 120-Volts. There are no overheating cases with this kind of heavy-duty kitchen appliances. Their motor has been designed to process food for a longer duration of time without heating up.

1 thing I loved about this heavy-duty food processor is that it is quiet during operation. This is unlike many noisy processors that can wake up an entire neighborhood.

It is safe to use

 It comes with a locking mechanism preventing the motor from running without the cover of the bowl. You do not have to own a restaurant in order to have a powerful food processor.

Control Panel

This machine comes with 3 controls, pulse, on and off buttons. Use on and off button to start and stop your food processor. The pulse button is a very useful feature of this handy kitchen appliance.

It will allow you to keep an eye on the texture of your food. You will need to hold down the pulse button and release it after.

After many years of working in the kitchen, I use the pulse feature of my food processor to control the thickness of the food that am preparing.

Continuous feed food processor

This is a Robot coupe continuous feed processor. Robot Coupe was founded in 1964. It is one of the leading companies that manufactures commercial food processors.

This processor is currently used in cruise ships, restaurants, homes, correction facilities, schools, hospitals, just to name a few. More products by this company include Blixer which is a combination of a food processor and a blender.

It produces the creamiest of purees in seconds.

Labor and Time saving      

It will save you hours of cutting vegetables with a knife and cutting board. This machine will take less than 5 minutes to chop, shred or slice food.

It has speed and power to process large quantities of food without burning out the motor making it ideal for professional kitchens.

You can purchase it if you have a large family and prepare large quantities of vegetables every time.


  • It takes less time to prepare food
  • It is suitable for large families or professional chefs
  • It has a clear top to see the food inside when processing food
  • It features strong blades


  • It is a bit pricy though it is worth considering the many functions it can perform

2.   Waring commercial food processor

Commercial food processor reviews

Main Features

  • It comes with a liquid lock seal system
  • It comes with an extra-large feed tube
  • It features 1 horsepower motor
  • It’s a product of Waring Commercial
  • Bowl capacity is 2-1/2-quart 
  • It has an S blade, whipping disc, grating disc, slicing disc
  • It has a clear view bowl
  • It can grate, chop, shred, whip, puree, just to name a few
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty on motor and 2 years for parts and labor

Commercial grade food processor

This is a commercial food processor. It is designed to prepare large batches of food quickly and efficiently. It will prepare all kinds of food. It is suitable for restaurant, large families, or professional kitchens.

It is made of durable materials hence will last in your kitchen for a long time. This is a Waring Commercial WFP11S Batch Bowl Food Processor by Waring Commercial.

The warring commercial is a company that is renowned for making high-quality kitchen appliances and equipment. It has been in operation for over 80 years now and produces high-performance, large capacity food processors, blenders.

Extra-large feed tube

This kitchen appliance comes with an extra-large feed tube to allow whole foods to be fed into it. This will eliminate the need for precutting your veggies and fruits.

Powerful Motor

Large capacity food processors have a motor with power ranging from 400-700 watts. This appliance has 1 horsepower motor. This is a powerful motor that will run for a long period of time without heating up.

It will chop hard nuts, mix pastry dough, chop, and grate cheese with ease.

Large Capacity Bowl

This is a large capacity bowl that can hold volumes of food at ago. Its capacity is 2-1/2-quart. Food experts recommend to purchase a food processor with a big bowl if you are planning to prepare food in large batches.

You can count on this processor to allow lots of food to be processed at ago. It is ideal for large households or chefs.


  • It has a powerful motor
  • Comes with a large capacity bowl
  • Comes with extra-large feed tube: no need of precutting food
  • It features a liquid lock seal system


  • None that I know of