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Electric Griddle and Skillet-Click for a Complete Guide and Reviews

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A fresh, juicy steak deserves to be cooked properly and what better what to do it justice than an electric griddle or skillet.

Barbecuing meat is fantastic and tastes great but it is not always possible to cook over charcoal, whether due to the climate or maybe late at night. With an electric griddle, you can cook your medium-rare (or well done) filet mignon to perfection at any time.

Likewise, an electric skillet can be used for frying, boiling or stewing any food while saving space on the hob for other dishes.

Unlike cooking with a regular frying pan or saucepan, the temperature can be regulated to avoid burning or overheating.

What Is An Electric Griddle?

A standard griddle is basically a large, flat cooking surface made from metal.

Sometimes with ridges to give the charred lines that you see on grilled meat or seafood and usually with a nonstick coating, but they can also be made from cast iron.

You lay the griddle across the stovetop (usually taking up 2 burners) and heat the griddle. The problem with this method is the heat is uneven and unregulated.

An electric griddle has built-in heating which produces even heat across the full area of the griddle surface.

Constant, even heat means properly cooked food and with the thermostatic regulator on an electric griddle, you control the temperature so your food is cooked to perfection and never burns.

Electric griddles are simply to clean as they have a drip tray for excess grease and fat. As you don’t need oil to cook with an electric griddle, your food is naturally healthier.

What Is an Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is basically a combination of frying/saucepan that has many uses. Similarly to an electric wok Anything you can cook in a pan can be cooked in an electric skillet but without the need to constantly watch over it and adjust the gas or electric hob.

An electric skillet utilizes similar technology to an electric griddle: inbuilt heating element to provide constant, regulated heat throughout the cooking area.

An electric skillet can also be used to keep food warm while you are waiting to serve your family at dinner or guests at a dinner party.

They are incredibly versatile and useful appliances and are indispensable in any aspiring chefs kitchen. Generally metal (Stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron) or ceramic, the best electric skillets can be fully immersed in water for easy cleaning.

Electric Griddle and Electric Skillet Reviews

Buying any new kitchen appliance without knowledge of the brand or features of the product can be a minefield.

Always look for an electric griddle or skillet with a long warranty. Manufacturers that provide extended guarantees obviously have confidence in their merchandise.

We always look for products that are built to last so we can recommend them to our readers.

We have chosen three of what we consider to be the finest electric griddles and skillets to help you make a purchase that will last for many years to come.

Wolf Gourmet Precision Griddle

Wolf Gourmet Precision Griddle
  • VERSATILE COOKING AT ITS BEST: Grill, sear, sauté, steam and melt foods with confidence on the superior nonstick 204-square-inch cooking surface.
  • EXCEPTIONALLY EVEN HEATING: Precision heating elements are built into the thick cast aluminium cooking surface for consistent temperatures and even heat retention.
  • STAINLESS STEEL LID MAKES STEAMING EASY: Unique vented lid gives you the flexibility to steam a variety of foods, like veggies, shellfish and more, by locking in moisture and heat.
  • ADVANCED TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Use the temperature control knob to heat at specific temperatures between warm (150°F) and 450ºF.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Drips and splatters wipe away effortlessly from the nonstick surface. The stainless steel drip tray catches excess grease and is dishwasher safe.

Premium electric griddle from Wolf Gourmet made from stainless steel and aluminium. Robust enough to last a lifetime and big enough to cater for the largest families, this griddle is a must-have appliance for your kitchen. Rated 5 stars out of 5 [star rating=”5″]

Oster 20-by-10-Inch Digital Griddle

Oster 20-by-10-Inch Digital Griddle
  • The 10 by a 20-inch cooking surface is removable
  • This digital electric griddle has skid resistant feet and handles that are cool touch and large
  • The drip tray is extra large and nonstick coating helps in easy food release
  • Oster 20 by 10-inch digital griddle has preheated indicators and digital temperature control
  • Digital temperature control with “ready” and “preheat” indicators
  • It is 11 by 24 by 6 inches in measurement

Compact electric griddle with a digital display to keep you fully informed of cooking temperatures and times. Designed by Oster, who has a great reputation for quality appliances. 4 1/2 star rated [star rating=”4.5″] .

George Foreman Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

George Foreman Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

-George foreman multi-plate evolve grill is a 3 in 1 kitchen appliance. It offers various cooking options like the grill, waffle with its 2 waffle plates and panini. The ceramic grill plates will make steaks, chicken, steak, and veggies.

-George Forman electric griddle uses a digital control which displays clearly temperature and time. The grill temperature ranges from 325 to 450. Click the button below to learn more. 

-This electric griddle has a 500 searing burst. Restaurant quality results are given when the temperature is risen by a high heat searing burst.

-The advanced ceramic coating of this electric griddle is a nonstick, multilayered and are PTFE and PFOA free. They just simplify cleaning. 

-It has removable plates, that are easy to wash. 

George Foreman electric griddles have been a popular choice with home chefs for a while now, and the Evolve grill is another fabulous appliance. Feature packed, easy to clean and portable this electric griddle is pocket-friendly and cooks great. 4 stars [star rating=”4″] .

Electric Skillet Reviews

Breville Thermal Pro Banquet Skillet

Breville Thermal Pro Banquet Skillet

-Breville Thermal Skillet has 15 heat settings. They are from simmer to sear

-This Breville Thermal Pro Banquet Skillet is multicoated which makes it easy to clean. It has a non-stick surface that is PFOA free.

-Its pan tilt lever easily lets juices and fat to drain from food.

-Dual-ply construction of aluminum bonded to stainless steel for optimal heat retention and distribution

-This is a large  skillet with a capacity of 6 quart 

-It has good heat retention with distribution offered by its stainless steel and aluminum dual play construction. 

The Breville Thermal Pro electric skillet is a great appliance for cooking your favorite meals. Large capacity and variable settings make it a wise choice for any household and the best of our 3 selections. 5 stars [star rating=”5″] .

Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Skillet

Zojirushi Gourmet Skillet
  • Zojirushi Gourmet skillet is a multifunction cooking appliance with tempered glass lid.
  • It is a 1350 watt electric skillet with ceramic plates that are non stick for grilling
  • Its inner pan is deep for making fondue or soup and the height of the steaming plate can be adjusted.
  • The temperature of Zojirushi Gourmet skillet can be adjusted. For more info, click the button below.
  • The measurement of Zojirushi Gourmet skillet is 15 by 17-1/2 by 8-1/8 
  • It has a 1-year warranty

A versatile electric skillet with the added bonus of an electric griddle makes this Zojirushi a great purchase. Large enough for most families and compact enough to save space in the kitchen, we rate this one 4 1/2 stars [star rating=”4.5″].

Dash Family Size Rapid Skillet

Dash Family Size Rapid Skillet
  • Dash Family size Rapid Skillet has a Large 14″surface for cooking with a 2.5″ depth suitable for big families and those that love to entertain.
  • This skillet heats up to 450 Degrees 
  • Has stick-resistant ceramic surface for healthier cooking
  • Dash Family size Rapid Skillet has Cool-touch handles, its a 1300 watts with a tempered glass lid. 
  • It comes with a recipe book 
  • It has a 1-year warranty,

This Dash electric skillet is perfect for casseroles and stews and is available in black, red or white to blend in with your kitchen design. We rate it 4 stars out of 5 [star rating=”4.5″] .

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