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Floor Buffer Reviews- A Complete Guide

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More and more households are taking to fitting solid wood or laminate flooring in areas with heavy foot traffic such as hallways, kitchens etc. Decorative floor tiles are also increasingly popular in modern homes.

The reason for this is not purely cosmetic; tiles and laminate flooring are a lot easier to clean in general.

Spill a cup of coffee or red wine on your expensive living room carpet and you may well be looking at a hefty cleaning bill.

In contrast, spillages on solid wood flooring are easily mopped up in seconds. A floor buffer makes the task of keeping your wooden or tiled floor looking fantastic a simple affair.

They will also polish your Linoleum surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom, removing stains without the need to get on your hands and knees and scrub.

Similar looking to a common domestic vacuum cleaner, a floor buffer makes light work of bringing your flooring to a sparkling shine and making it look as new.

What Is A Floor Buffer?

Similar looking to a common domestic vacuum cleaner but with controls mounted on bicycle-style handlebars, a floor buffer makes light work of bringing your flooring to a sparkling shine and making it look as new.

A floor buffer uses one (or sometimes more) variable speed round rotating brushes, scrubbing pads or soft buffing pads to remove dirt, dust, and stains from hard floors.

They can also be used to apply shampoo or cleaning agents and apply polish to leave a glossy finish.

Generally powered by mains electricity with a long cable to deal with large areas but also available in cordless variations, a floor buffer has a powerful motor that only requires the operator to walk slowly and guide the appliance.

Larger floor buffers are used in schools, hospitals, and office complexes to polish the extensive floor areas such as corridors.

How to Choose the Correct Floor Buffer

The first thing to consider when choosing a new floor buffer is the area of the floors you need to clean. For larger areas, you should be aware that you will need a longer cable or a cordless floor buffer.

The amount of use the floor gets on a daily basis is also important as there will be more dirt and grime to clean, hence you will need a commercial floor buffer or at least one with a powerful motor.

Cordless floor buffers are great for spaces with no access to power and are lightweight so are very portable, but they lack the cleaning power of larger corded models.

But for smaller homes and apartments or for cleaning on the go, a cordless floor buffer could well be ideal for your needs.

For busy families, robot mop reviewed here can save you plenty of time as it literally polishes the floor on its own!

Floor Buffer Reviews

Taking into account the above qualities we have chosen three-floor buffers to suit all households and floor areas.

We always review products based on quality, reliability, functionality and manufacturer reputation. As always, we award the best floor buffer 5 stars.

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

  • Floor buffer used for cleaning wood, vinyl, tile, and other hard floors and for dry-cleaning and loosening dirt from carpeted floors
  • Orbital drive oscillates the brush or pad (sold separately) at up to 175 RPM to buff, clean, polish, sand, scrub, strip, or wax floors without twisting, marking, or gouging
  • 50-foot power cord enables the floor machine to cover a larger area without changing outlets than machines with shorter cords
  • Weighs 24 pounds; has 13″ cleaning path
  • Suitable for use with various accessories including brushes, pads, bonnets, shampoos, and cleaning solutions

The Oreck brand is well known in the cleaning sector for its high-quality products and this commercial grade floor buffer is no different.

It is Powerful enough to clean the grimiest floors but gentle enough to leave them perfectly polished. Suitable for larger homes and areas, this is a 5-star cleaning appliance [star rating=”5″].

Advance PACESETTER 20HD Floor Machine

Advance PACESETTER 20HD Floor Machine

  • Triple planetary gears – all metal
  • Whether stripping, scrubbing, screening, or bonnet cleaning, this machine will fit your need. Heavy duty construction.
  • Includes higher quality tufted bristle pad driver.
  • Heavy Duty. 1.5 hp, 175 rpm.
  • Ergonomic handle that protects the user’s hands during operation along walls and around corners.

This is quite simply one of the finest floor buffer appliances you can buy. There are others that are less expensive, but you get what you pay for with Advance appliances.

Worth every cent but maybe a little too pricey for the average home so 4 and a half stars [star rating=”4.5″].

Prolux Mirage Cordless Floor Cleaner Polisher Buffer

Prolux Mirage Cordless Floor Cleaner Polisher Buffer

  • The Prolux Mirage is the perfect tool for all your spraying, mopping, scrubbing, buffing, and waxing needs. With a large 16-inch cleaning path and dual pad cleaning action, you can easily cut your cleaning time in half!
  • The Lithium Ion battery gives you up to 41 minutes of continuous use to ensure you can take care of your cleaning needs before needing a recharge. Features long-lasting L.E.D. headlights to make sure no corner is left uncleaned, and user-controlled spray feature that
  • Includes 3 different sets of washable cleaning pads for 3 types of jobs. One set is a Heavy-Duty white coarse scouring pad that will quickly remove tough marks and buildup ( only to be used on more durable floors). Another set is a less abrasive scouring cloth for tough to clean spots on most hard floor surfaces, and lastly a set of microfiber buffing/mopping cloths that can be used on nearly any finished flooring surface. These pads coupled with your solution of choice will leave
  • 14.4v 2200mAh Lithium Ion battery, maintenance free high torque Brushless motor technology, wide 16-inch cleaning path, dual rotating pads, and onboard solution tank with a sprayer, ensures that the Mirage will be one of the most powerful, easiest and useful cleaning appliances in your home.
  • With its Cordless, slim design, weighing only 6lbs, and up to 41 minutes of continuous run time you can keep the Mirage virtually anywhere in your home for quick and easy access, which makes it the perfect tool to keep any size of a home, clean.
  • Prolux includes a 2 Year limited body warranty and by using a powerful, maintenance-free brushless motor, Prolux also includes a 3 Year Motor Warranty.

Great for smaller areas and lightweight, the Prolux Mirage is the perfect floor buffer for occasional use. Easy to use and excellent value for money means this appliance gets 4 stars [star rating=”4″] .

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