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10 Things you didn’t know about Samsung black stainless steel refrigerator

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Samsung Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator 4 Door Family Refrigerator

When it comes to choosing the right black stainless refrigerator, there are some features that set some apart from the others-including a window that lets you look inside without opening the door.

Best stainless steel fridge like the one reviewed here combine modern technology with a slim design.

1.      You will manage your food easily

The Samsung Family Hub trademark has everything. In addition to the intuitive 21.5-inch touchscreen and smart apps, you can easily manage your shopping, connect with the family, amuse your guests, and control your smart devices by tapping the screen.

2.      You can view inside your fridge from anywhere

View inside app

You can easily monitor what’s in your fridge with the “inside view” function, which lets you take a look inside with three built-in cameras from the home screen or Smartphone*of your fridge.

It also includes the recommended expiration date of the food you marked. You can decrease food wastage by tracking the decaying foods.

3.      Discover new recipes for your family

Smart Recipes & Meal planner apps

Uncover new recipes for the whole family with the Smart Recipes app, which will give you instant accessibility to numerous delicious recipes with simple on-screen instructions.

The meal planner app also hints on cooking meals tailored to your preference and food available in the fridge.

You can design a weekly grocery list with the ingredients you need and conveniently access it from your Smartphone* in the grocery store.

4.      Shop more efficiently

Shopping list app

Plan your grocery in a more efficient manner using the shopping list app. Just add all the items you want to buy to your shopping list and have them sync directly with your Smartphone*.You can display them conveniently, even in the supermarket.

5.      Connect with your family

Family Board

Endow your family life by sharing news and unique moments in the family board. From the home screen, you can easily share photos, attach stickers, draw pictures, take notes, and even add music player.

The other way is editing it on your Smartphone and sync with the Family Hub refrigerator.

6.      Never miss important family events

Calendar app

Never forget important data with the Calendar app, which lets you share schedules and retrieve family calendars from the Family Hub refrigerator or your Smartphone.

Just sync your schedule with Google or Microsoft 365 and it will be updated with your personalized color-coded entry.

7.      Has triple cooling system & metal cooling

Samsung Triple cooling system has three separate evaporators which improve humidity levels and stop odor mixing. In conjunction with the metal cooling plate which stores the cold air for a more accurate temperature calibration to keep your food fresh for longer.

8.      Keeps food fresher

food for fridge

Samsung’s innovative Flexzone trademark compartment is a chamber that allows you to switch between 5 different temperature settings depending on your storage needs. Controls is via the” Refrigerator Manager” app in the Family Hub.

9.      You can easily fix errors

Shun the inconvenience and the consequences of having a broken computer with the Remote and Diagnostic Services app, which helps you to easily identify and fix problems. The app can also remotely diagnose and fix the problem, or contact a qualified technician if needed.

10. Intelligent voice recognition

Improved bixby

With Apps; Bixby, your smart language assistant, helps you navigate more comfortably when your hands are full. With Bixby’s new Artificial Intelligence System (AI), you can easily get a range of optimized and custom service content, including your voice. E.g. recommended meals.

Factors to consider when buying the Black stainless steel refrigerator


Depending on the number of people using the refrigerator, as a rule of thumb, you can select the fridge capacity as follows:

Size of household. Recommended volume. Price range.
1-2 people 250-380L $429-$2399
3-4 people 350-530L $699-$4799
5 or more 440L+ $1079-$5500+


If your biggest concern is the price, range and how efficient it will be, Samsung refrigerator is for you. The advantages are:

  1. It is the cheapest refrigerator type to buy.
  2. It is the cheapest fridge to run.
  3. There is a wide range to select from.


  1. Water and ice dispenser.
  2. Crisper.
  3. Door.
  4. Temperature controls.
  5. Shelves.
  6. Rollers and adjustable feet.
  7. Dairy compartment.
  8. Chiller (meat compartment)
  9. Quick chill zone.
  10. Low noise.

Frequently Asked Questions on Samsung Black Stainless Steel refrigerator

1.      What does the Samsung family hub do?

When you have the Samsung Family Hub, you will be able to monitor the contents of your fridge, will add aesthetic appeal to your home, features food preservation technology, just to name a few. Indeed this fridge will make your kitchen the heart of your home.

2.      How do I change the temperature in my Samsung black stainless steel Fridge

You can change the temperature of your Samsung Family Hub fridge and freezer on the display.

  1. Swipe on the start page from the right.
  2. Touch refrigerator manager.
  3. The temperature in each zone is shown on the display.

3.      How do I access the internet on the screen?

Note: A maximum of five tabs can be opened.

  1. On the home screen, swipe right and select internet.
  2. Enter the desired website in the search bar.

4.      How do I switch off the screen on the fridge?

Open the upper right refrigerator door and open the USB port on the inside. You will see a red button. It switches the Family Hub on and off.

5.      How do I close an app on the Samsung Refrigerator?

To close an app on the family hub, hold down the Home button; tap X in the upper-right corner of the app to close it.

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