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Best Electric Stainless Steel Kettle

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krups savoy electric stainless steel kettle

The fresh, modern look of a stainless steel kettle adds character to your kitchen and the long-term benefits mean that the extra cost is worthwhile.

Fast boiling kitchen appliances mean you can savor your favorite brew at any time of day or night in minutes. And with a stainless steel kettle, you can do it in style!

Don’t have time to read the entire Buying Guide? here is one of the best Electric stainless steel kettles you can buy.

KRUPS SAVOY LCD Display Electronic Kettle Brushed Stainless

krups savoy electric stainless steel kettle

  • 1.7 L. Stainless steel kettle with 5 preset temperature settings for the optimized brewing of different types of tea or coffee
  • The extra-large LCD display for ease of use; one-touch automatic opening; extra-large water window for easy viewing
  • 5 preset temperatures settings for different types of coffee or tea. Enjoy the added kettle keep warm option!
  • With a 360 rotational base, put your cord-free electric kettle from any angle.
  • Automatically filters your water while pouring so you can enjoy the best hot beverage possible.

The Krups Savoy is feature packed and as with all these brands products, is built to a very high standard. We award this kettle a deserved 5-star rating [star rating=”5″].

Electric Stainless Steel Kettle

Waking up each morning to a cup of the freshly brewed tea is one of lives little pleasures that most of us enjoy.

Whether you take your tea with milk, sugar or just plain black tea with lemon or ginger, it’s the perfect way to wake up and start your day. Long gone are the days of cast iron kettles heated over the fire or on top of the stove.

Peoples preferences vary when it comes to electric tea kettles; some prefer colored plastic, ceramic or copper. But the timeless elegance of a stainless steel kettle adds style to any kitchen.

Anodising can add color to stainless steel so that you can coordinate your appliances. For instance, your electric black stainless steel kettle can match perfectly with your black stainless steel refrigerator.

  Importance of a Stainless Steel Kettle

Stainless steel is not just easy on the eye. It is one of the most hard-wearing and durable metals available. Easy to clean, a stainless steel tea kettle will last a lifetime if looked after.

It is also a fantastic conductor of heat so the water boils very quickly and stays hotter for longer.

The fresh, modern look of the appliance adds character to your kitchen  and while they are slightly more expensive than other types of kettles, the long-term benefits mean that the extra cost is worthwhile.

A stainless steel tea kettle will not discolor over time like the equivalent plastic kettles.

4 Things To Consider When Buying an Electric Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

1. Capacity

The first thing to consider is the capacity of the kettle. If you have a large family you will obviously need a larger one.

Kettle capacities generally range from 1 liter for travel or single person use, up to 1.7 liters for larger households.

Whilst you can find larger ones, these are normally for catering use rather than in the home kitchen.

Some families may only use their kettle once or twice a day, while in some homes the kettle will be boiling constantly providing a constant flow of hot tea.

If you fall into the latter category then you will need one from a top brand which comes with an extended warranty.

The best ones will keep boiling for a long time with no problems. Modern kettles are mostly cordless and mount onto a rotating base for convenience.

Temperature Options of a Tea Kette

The very latest have variable temperature settings so that your favorite beverage is ideal for your tastes every time. Some even come with digital displays so you can monitor every aspect of the kettles temperature and boil rate.


Water filtration technology has improved rapidly in recent years and where better to implement than in a stainless steel kettle?

The boiled water is automatically filtered as you pour meaning your tea, coffee or other hot beverage will taste better than ever.

Limescale can be a problem in areas where water hardness varies but fortunately, the best kettles feature anti-scale technology as standard, meaning you don’t have to work extra hard to clean your kettle or buy expensive kettle descaler.


Rapid boil technology is a great feature that ensures a cup of water will boil in as little as 45 seconds and is typical in most modern stainless steel tea kettles.

Best Electric Stainless Steel Kettle Reviews

We have tried and tested a selection of what we think are currently the top 4 best electric stainless steel kettles. Kettles in this guide are carefully picked based on quality and value for money.

Breville kettle review

breville ikon stainless steel kettle

    • Breville Ikon Electric Kettle is a 1500-watt cordless kettle.
    • Breville Ikon Kettle has a Cushion-controlled lid,  removable scale filter, and water-level indicator.
    • It boils water wells up to 1.7 liters 
    • Other features include stainless-steel housing that is brushed, cord storage and soft-grip handle.
    • It has an easy “on/off” switch, boil-dry protection, and  auto shut-off feature
    • It measures 13-1/4 by 10-1/4 by 12-3/4-inch; 1-year limited warranty.

A top brand stainless kettle that will be a feature in your kitchen for many years to come but without the features of the Krups Savoy, this model scores 4/5 [star rating=”4″].

Bonavita Digital Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita Digital Gooseneck Kettle

  • It features 140°-212°F, adjustable degree increments.
  • Its 1500-watts is excellent for quick heating.
  • This electrical applance has the count-up timer for keeping track of the process of brewing
  • Its Gooseneck spout is designed for exact pour control.
  • It is constructed with brushed stainless steel and has a digital temperature display.

Another stainless steel kettle with a digital display and some useful extra functions, this stylish appliance scores a healthy 4.5 stars  [star rating=”4.5″].

Aicok Smart Water Master Electric Kettle

Aicok Smart Water Master Electric Kettle 

  • Variable temperature electric kettle – 6 Recommended temperature settings.
  • It uses 1500 watts power to ensure water boils in a few minutes
  • Keep warm stainless steel tea kettle – It has a handy setting that turns on after it heats up and stays on for up to 2 hours.
  • It has a smart safety feature of stopping boiling when it runs dry or reach temperature selected.
  • The most durable kettle. Strong corrosion resistance to prevent rust. Includes Stainless Steel kettle Base.
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty.

Great design and durability make the Aicok Smart Water Master Electric Stainless Steel kettle a worthy addition to your home appliance collection. 4 stars [star rating=”4.5″] .

Types and Models of Electric Water Kettles

Electric water kettles, like an electric stainless steel tea kettle, are kitchen appliances that are designed to boil water conveniently and quickly. They are small kitchen appliances with capacity from 1 to 2 liters.

They don’t require any installations, you only plug the electric water kettle to its power source and water starts to heat immediately. Here are the types and models of electric water kettles;

– Cordless Electric hot water Kettle

Whistling kettles

Electric glass kettles

stainless steel electric tea kettle

ceramic electric kettle

Cast iron electric kettle

 Electric water kettle Features

Their main features include auto shut off switch, 1500 watts heating element, body, handle and lid. Popular electric water kettles and models have been designed to meet your needs and are durable.

-are safer to use because of automatic shut off

-They heat water really quick

-They are better than stovetop kettles

-They are beautifully designed, sleek and fit in any kitchen space

-Stainless steel kettles are durable

-Cordless water kettles are easy to move from one to the other

 Cordless electric kettle

The cordless electric kettle is becoming popular because of its feature of detaching from its base and cord hence its user can move it from one place to the other. It is perfect for placing on a table and makes sharing simple when it is cord free.

They heat water faster, are durable and sturdier especially if made up of stainless steel. Its base conceals the heating unit make it safe to operate.

Main Features 

-They are portable with a detachable cordless base

-They also use automatic shut off hence safe to use

-They have on and off switch and indicator light for on

– It has boil dry protection

Whistling kettles

Whistling kettles are appliances that emit audible whistles when water starts to boil. Steam passing through the kettle causes vibration and in turn, creates the whistling sound.

Shopping for a whistling kettle can be an overwhelming task and that’s why we prepared this buying guide to help with your kettle purchase.

Whistling kettles are a popular choice for their artistic appeal, durability and unique feature of whistling. They are;


-Comes in different styles

-the unique feature of whistling loudly to notify it is done the boiling

-Whistling kettles are attractive

-Some are designed with an extra large opening

-Heats water quickly and have even heat distribution

– Durable

Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Many whistling kettles are made of grade stainless steel which is high quality and durable. This type of material is easy to keep clean, attractive and shiny. They are BPA free hence no chemicals in your water.


Keeps your water healthy, no residues or chemical released in water

-Stainless steel is a durable material

-They emits an audible sound when boiling

-They have a flip-up spout for pouring

-They feature heat resistant handle and knob for safety and easy of grip

-They are designed with tight-fitting lids for ease cleaning and retaining steam

-They have a sturdy base for efficient use

-and are dishwasher safe

Electric Glass Kettles

When it comes to these types of kettles, some prefer the ones made of glass because they are easy to clean, do not add taste to water, don’t rust and one is able to see water boiling. They look beautiful in your kitchen but will require great care to avoid breakage.

Choose a kettle with thick glass to avoid breaking easily while heating. Most of them are designed with treated glass to prevent breakages. The modern glass electric kettle that is attaining great recognition is stainless steel and electric.

They are used to brew tea or coffee and boil water.  They are durable, boil water quick and safe to use.


-Many glass electric kettles are designed cordless for ease of use

-Automatic shut off feature for safety

-They do not discolor or retain odor

-They are attractive and one can see water boiling

-They are affordable

Factors to Consider when purchasing a glass electric kettle

The most important factor to consider when buying a glass electric kettle is the material used in designing it. They are made with a tight lid where water is added and a handle for holding.

Boil-dry protection; buy a glass electric kettle with auto shutoff when water boils or empty.

If its possible, purchase one with glass sides and a stainless steel base

-It needs a wide opening for easy cleaning

-Can boil water faster

Stainless steel electric tea kettle

Bpa free electric kettle

Most electric tea kettles nowadays are made of brushed stainless steel, healthiest tea kettle material.

They are most preferred because they are durable, come in different finishes and do not dent easily.

They are BPA free.BPA is a chemical linked to cancer. When plastic is heated, chemicals are released and leak into liquids.  If you are concerned about consuming water that has been boiled with plastic kettle, make sure you buy a tea kettle that has been made of stainless steel to avoid these problems.

It is easy to boil water and clean. Whistling stainless steel tea kettle is preferred most because they notify when the water is ready. One cannot forget they are making tea with this type of kitchen appliance.

You can use these applainces boil water for making tea, ramen noodles, oatmeal, hot chocolate, soup to name a few.

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