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Easy to clean Food processor-According to Top Chefs around the World

Dishwasher safe food processor

Based on 1,000 professional chefs, the easy to clean food processors are Braun fp3020 12-cup food processor, Cuisinart dishwasher safe food processor and Kenwood multipro food processor.

What makes them easy to clean? They have a user-friendly design and are easy to use. Some processors feature smooth parts making clean up easy.

If you are in the market looking for the best easy to clean food processor, choose one of these. It is worth noting that they come with dishwasher safe parts with no cracks where food can accumulate.

Easy to clean food processor reviews

1.    Braun fp3020 12-cup food processor

Easy to clean food processor
Braun fp3020 12-cup food processor

Main Features

  • This is a 12 cup food processor
  • Has a powerful and quiet motor
  • Comes with 7 blades
  • It has variable speeds plus pulse mode to control the texture of your food
  • You can make citrus juice with it because it comes with a citrus juicer
  • Has a chopper
  • Has a 600-watt motor
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

7 blades

Being a versatile kitchen appliance, it will quickly chop, grind, shred, and puree nearly all types of foods. It comes with 7 blades to quickly and efficiently do all these different types of functions.

The blades include the following:

  • Whip blade
  • Kneading blade
  • Shredding disc-they are 2
  • Slicing disc
  • Potato Latkes blade
  • S blade

Use the whipping blade to make tasty homemade whipped cream. America’s Test Kitchen used a food processor in one of their tests to make whipped cream and the results were great. The dough blade will be useful when making dough for bread, cake or pizza.

The S or Sabatier blade is a general-purpose blade that you can use it to chop and mix. Use the shredding disc to shred cabbages, carrots or broccoli.

12 Cups

This is a large-capacity food processor suitable for large families or professional kitchens. You can buy it to use in your home kitchen since it will prepare large batches of food at ago.  

Worth the Investment

The more you invest in a kitchen appliance, the more features you will get. This processor comes with a lot of attachments. It will be able to perform more than 1 function saving you money to buy different kitchen appliances.

It will also save your kitchen space.

Citrus Juicer

You can make juice from citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons with this appliance.


  • Has a powerful and quiet motor
  • Comes with many attachments for different functions
  • It is easy to clean. The clean score is 98%
  • It is a large-capacity food processor


  • None that I know of

2. Cuisinart dishwasher safe food processor

cuisinart dishwasher safe food processor
Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

Main Features

  • Have dishwasher safe parts
  • Has medium shredding disc, chopping/mixing blade and standard slicing disc. All are stainless steel
  • Bowl capacity is 14 cups
  • The motor is 720 watts
  • The body is brushed stainless steel
  • Its feed tube is extra large
  • Comes with on and off buttons plus a pulse option
  • Extras include recipe book plus a spatula
  • Has a long cord
  • It features a detachable disc stern

For family-size meals

Its large bowl is perfect for preparing family size meals. Has 14 cups bowl. This spacious bowl is good for big jobs. It is also suitable for professional kitchens and chefs that love to make big batches.

Dishwasher Safe

Everything except the base is dishwasher safe. This is a machine that comes with parts that are safe and easy to clean. The bowl, blades, and lids can be cleaned with no much effort.


This is a processor of Cuisinart. This is a brand that was established in 1971 and is known for making kitchen appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, electric skillets, food processors, hand mixers, microwaves, bakeware, dinnerware, grilling, cutlery, just to name a few.


With a power of 720 watts, this processor is able to grind meat, knead the dough, and chop nuts, slice, and shred hard cheese, grind grains to make your own flour and many more. The machine is powerful enough to run for a long time without burning its motor.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • It is a large capacity appliance
  • Has dishwasher safe parts
  • It has an extra-large feed tube
  • The clean score is 98%

3. Kenwood multipro food processor

Main Features

  • It’s a 16 cup food processor
  • It uses a 935-watt turbocharged motor
  • Has dishwasher safe is BPA free
  • Have variable speed control. Has 8 speeds plus pulse
  • It comes with a variable control for ultimate precision
  • It comes with an integrated scale
  • It comes with 5 discs
  • It comes with a storage box for storing your attachments
  • It comes with a knife blade, mini bowl blade, dough blade which is made of plastic
  • The bowl is shatterproof and durable
  • It’s a multi pro processor by Kenwood
  • Its feed tube has a wide opening to accommodate whole foods
  • Its body is made of brushed metal, stainless steel
  • It comes with a blender

16 Cups food processor

If you are looking for a large-capacity food processor, Kenwood FPM910 Multipro Excel 16 Cup Food Processor makes an excellent option. It comes with a 16 cups bowl to handle large quantities of food at ago.

It will feel like your own personal sous chef because it will save you energy and time for preparing food.

It is perfect for large kitchens or professional chefs. You can buy it if you like preparing large batches of food or need a powerful processor to cut through thick foods.

5 Disc

There is a disc for fine slicing, thick slicing, fine grating, thick grating, and rasping. The shredding disc grates common ingredients like carrots and cheese, while the slicing disc yields perfectly shaped apple and potato slices.

Kenwood FPM910 Multipro Excel 16 Cup Food Processor

Dishwasher safe food processor
Kenwood FPM910 Multipro Excel 16 Cup Food Processor

This is a processor of Kenwood. This is a brand that has been in operation for over 50 years now.

It is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances such as food processors, blenders, food mincer, fruit press, rotary slicer, pasta cutter, lasagna roller, juicer, just to name a few.

Powerful Motor

This machine is powerful enough to handle tough jobs like nut chopping, kneading dough, shredding hard cheese, just to name a few. It features a 935-watt turbocharged motor that is perfect for a 16 cups food processor.

It can run for a long time without its motor burning out.

Extra-Large Feed Tube

The feed tube of this kitchen appliance is large enough to handle whole food. It does not need precutting before putting it in the food processor.

Best food processor blender combo

If you want to make smoothies and protein shake with your processor, buy this machine. It comes with a blender that is thermal resistant. A thermal resistant kitchen appliance means one can switch from hot to cold liquids without the pitcher cracking.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • It comes with a thermal resistant blender
  • It comes with a large bowl to handle large quantities of food
  • Comes with variable speed control plus pulse function
  • It is easy to clean
  • The bowl is BPA free
  • It features an extra-wide feed tube
  • It is easy to use
  • Our clean score is 100%


  • None that I know of

Why you should Trust US

Their overall features

All the food processors have dishwasher safe parts and have no cracks to hide food. Also, we checked if they are easy to use. Dishwasher safe food processors easy to clean.

Own experience from my test kitchen

This list is based on my experience with them. We ordered all the 3 food processors and I was satisfied with their performance. They are easy to clean, the control buttons and displays are easy to wipe hence we gave them high scores.


Price is always a major factor when buying a food processor. I considered price when reviewing these kitchen appliances. Some of the processors that I have reviewed here are affordable.

Consumer Reviews

We also spent more than 70 hours reading reviews on different platforms to determine which food processors are easy to clean. Customer experience with the machines was important and was used to rate it.

Factors to consider when buying an Easy to Clean Food Processor

Dishwasher safe food processor

Buy a food processor with dishwasher safe parts as this will minimize clean up time and effort. Also, ensure they come with leak-resistant work bowls. No food will be trapped hence easy to clean.

The body should be easy to wipe since the base houses the motor hence cannot be immersed in water.

To clean it, wipe with a damp cloth then dry it. According to Dan Fletcher, a professional chef at Fenchurch restaurant, easy to clean food processors have a sleek design and smooth parts.

Have the Basic Components

Today, modern food processors are available in three sizes, which are mini, full, and compact. Irrespective of their sizes, the basic components are always the same: a bowl, lid, feed tube, motor, and a set of attachments.


The motor is the most massive part of the appliance and is housed at the base. The base, thus, gives the food processor stability by ensuring it remains still while the motor runs.


The bowl is made up of durable and translucent plastic and is fitted into the shaft. Its size varies depending on the size of the machine. Easy to clean bowls are smooth.

The lid is usually made of the same material as the bowl, and it has a tube fitted with the plunger.

Additional Attachments

At times, the ordinarily easy to clean food processor may not adequately serve your needs. Instead of buying separate equipment, buy extra discs or blades, especially if they are not included in your dishwasher safe processor.

Also, you can purchase additional attachments, which makes the equipment versatile and more efficient.

Some other common attachments include:

  • An egg whip –it has 2 arms and paddles at the end is used to beat whipping cream and white eggs. It does so by incorporating sufficient air that, in turn, guarantees a fluffy end product.
  • A citrus juicer – shaped like a dome, a citrus juicer is designed to squeeze juice from fruits like lemons and oranges by turning.